What is the National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers?

What is the National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers?

The National Strategy represents the first time a broad cross-section of the federal government has collaborated with the private sector on a response to the longstanding national need for a comprehensive system of family caregiver support. The National Strategy includes nearly 350 actions the federal government can take to support family caregivers and more than 150 actions that can be adopted at other levels of government and across the private sector to begin to build a national infrastructure that ensures family caregivers have the resources they need to maintain their own health, well-being, and financial security while providing crucial support for others.

The National Strategy was developed jointly by the advisory councils created by the RAISE Family Caregiving Act and the Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act, with extensive input from the public, including family caregivers and the people they support. The National Strategy is the product of comprehensive analysis and input from a federally appointed Advisory Council, 15 federal agencies, and more than 150 organizations representing a range of stakeholders from across the nation.


2022 National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers – An overview and description of the strategy’s goals and intended outcomes

First Principles: Cross-Cutting Considerations for Family Caregiver Support – Describes the four key principles that must be reflected in all efforts to improve support to family caregivers

Federal Actions – Nearly 350 actions that 15 federal agencies will take in the near term to begin to implement the strategy.

Actions for States, Communities, and Others – More than 150 actions others can take. 

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